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Frequently Asked Questions The Genuine Pills

Q. How Do I Get Started?

. To avail of any of the services of Thegenuinepills, first you need to sign up or open an account with us along with your valid email address. Opening an account is free.

Q. How Do I Get Treatment?
A. You need to answer the online questionnaire so our doctors can thoroughly evaluate your medical condition. After we have received your questionnaire, the physician assigned to you will prescribe the appropriate medication, if necessary.

Q. How much is the fee for this service?
A. The cost per consultation is free. The advantage to the service is that we have free consultation regardless of your medical condition.

Q. What if I have my own valid prescription?
A. You have the option to upload the prescription on your Thegenuinepills account. This will serve as basis of your request for medication.

Q. Is Thegenuinepills approved to distribute prescription medicine?
A. Thegenuinepills is a registered company duly licensed by the Department of Health, Bureau Food and Drugs to source, store and dispense pharmaceutical products as required by law. The dispensing team of Thegenuinepills is composed of doctors and licensed pharmacists to ensure that delivery has been authorized by them.

Q How long will it take to obtain a prescription?
A. The attending doctor shall, upon receipt of the questionnaire, respond to the patient within 24 hours via email. And when necessary, include the list of prescribed medicines.

Q. When will I receive my medication?
A. All approved orders will be dispatched within 72 hours upon receipt of doctor’s confirmation. You will receive your package within 5-30 days depending on the shipping method you choose.

Q. What are the hidden costs or are there any that I should know?
A. There are no hidden charges with the prices of drugs  posted in this website. We suggest that you ask your local customs office if there are duties applied to drugs being imported in your country.

Q. Do I still need to go to my doctor?
A. In most cases, the required information sought by the questionnaire is sufficient for our doctors to make a good diagnosis. However, it is always advisable to consult your own doctor first before undergoing medication prescribed by Thegenuinepills. We strongly suggest you also present the findings and suggested treatments of our doctor.

Q. Are your doctors genuine?
A. Thegenuinepills doctors are all licensed to practice medicine. When the doctor assigned to you returns a result of the medical consultation, his name and professional details (license number) are reflected in the email which can be checked online.

Q How do you keep my personal details safe with Thegenuinepills?
A. Thegenuinepills employs SSL certificate and other safety protocols to ensure secure exchange and transfer of data from both ends - customer and servers. Every time you send your personal information to Thegenuinepills we take all precautionary procedures to keep your information from third parties. As an added layer to the security procedure, regular security audits are done to assess the safety of customer databases in our systems. Read our privacy statement for details.

Q. How do we know the medicines we get from Thegenuinepills are real?
A. Medicines obtained from Thegenuinepills bear all the hallmarks of genuine drugs such as manufacturer’s hologram stickers, lot numbers and other indicators. Thegenuinepills also works with authorities in many countries to track counterfeit medicine. If you think you have been a victim of fake drugs, contact us and we will be happy to assist you in report them.

Q. Can you send my orders in discreet packaging?
A. When requested, we dispatch orders in discreet packaging and ensure they are untampered when it comes to your door.

Please feel free to contact us for other questions that are not mentioned here.

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