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Terms and Conditions - The Genuine Pills

By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you warrant that you have fully read and understood the stipulations set forth in this agreement and that you further express that you are aware of the risks involved in online consultation and you warrant that you are not suffering from any mental impairment resulting from, but not limited to, mental illness or other forms of mental handicap, intoxication, depression, medication, or any other health problems or other conditions that could impair judgment.

1. I hereby grant The Genuine Pills (TGP) the authority, through its physicians, associates, personnel, professionals and contractors to conduct and perform a web-based and/or online medical consultation as well as medical evaluation of myself as a potential patient for medication.

2. I hereby render TGPs ’ physicians, associates, personnel, professionals and contractors free from any and all forms of responsibility or liability pertaining to or in connection with the use of the medicines prescribed during the course of my medication as well as any future liability resulting from such prescriptions or from the medicines obtained.

3. I hereby declare that I am 18 years old or of legal age to undertake and perform this agreement and hereby agree to disclose truthfully to the best of my knowledge all the questions required of me on my questionnaire or by TGP authorized professionals.

4. I am aware of the potential side effects of the medicines prescribed by TGP and that I am fully aware that medical practitioners do not guarantee the results I seek nor produce the effects I desire. I further warrant that no guarantees have been made to me pertaining to expected results as there is no currently known or available medical treatment that fully guarantees 100% satisfaction to patients, nor are there any guarantees against adverse side effects, complications or serious health risks.

5.  I am fully aware that no physician or any medical professional can accurately predict as to whether I would or would not suffer any adverse effects resulting from the medications prescribed and that I am aware that results vary from person to person by reason of differences in biological, chemical and physiological make-up. I understand that potential risks and/or complications need not be discussed, nor I consider them practical or even possible as there are risks and complications that may arise that have never been recorded before. Thus, I hereby render free the prescribing physicians of Thegenuinepills from any and all liability whatsoever with respect to the adverse effects or complications that I may suffer from in the future.

6. I declare that my participation in this online consultation is at my own volition and I hereby assume all liability and responsibility for the use of the medications prescribed in this program. I warrant that I initiated this contract and further acknowledge that all online consultations and prescribed medications are all deemed to have taken place where the physician is physically located and licensed to practice medicine which may be in another state or country other than my own.

7.    I am fully aware that it is my sole responsibility to have thorough and routine physical examination to fully ascertain that I have no disease(s) or any illness that might render or cause my medications inappropriate for my condition. I further warrant that I have consulted with my doctor and/or pharmacist and hereby declare that I do not have any conditions or have taken any medications that would make a contraindication to the medicines obtained from Thegenuinepills. I further agree to immediately inform my physician whose present care I am under with that I have chosen to participate in TGP’s program.

8.    I understand that should I fail in any way to provide the online consulting physician with my complete and accurate medical history or should I fail to notify the same of any changes in the future, I shall not hold TGP nor any of its physicians responsible for any adverse effects I may suffer and that I am solely responsible for any adverse effects I may suffer from taking or continuing to take medications or from participating in this program.

9.    If after evaluation of my questionnaire a physician deems that medication is necessary, I hereby authorize Thegenuinepills to charge to my credit card for said medication. I understand that if some time after I submit myself under the program and later change my mind regarding taking the medication or another treating doctor advices that I do not use the medication, I do not have to fill the prescription. Therefore, I am advised to always check with my primary doctor first before submitting the medical consultation.

10.    I understand that an on-line medical consultation DOES NOT include an actual physical exam and I hereby waive any physical exam at this time and agree to continue to have routine medical examination by my primary physician.. I understand that it is my responsibility to have routine physical examinations to ensure that I have no disease nor have contracted any illness that may contraindicate with my medication.

11 . Chargeback Policy Chargebacks are not appreciated by TGP. Our Customer Support Team can resolve all your complaints and disputes. In case a chargeback was initiated through your card issuer to reverse a credit card payment, this action will result in an account suspension and you may be prohibited from reordering from TGP and all our affiliated sites. TGP reserve the right to recover any disputed funds and all additional costs and fees, including legal fees by any means necessary, including the involvement of a collections or law enforcement agency.

12. Shipping And Handling policy

Regular mail (15-30days delivery, no tracking number, no signature required) ………………………………………………… $20.00

Express Mail Service (5-15 days, with tracking number, signature required) ………………………………………………… $ 55.00

13. Return and Resend Policy

In case a receipt of defective, incomplete or damaged merchandise, you may contact our Customers Support Team and require reshipment.

In case concern government agency stops the package, a written communication from the apprehending government agency is needed for reshipment. Shipping and Handling fee shall be borne by the customer. If the customers don’t want the package to be reshipped, the company will process the refund of the total product amount excluding the cost of delivery and subject to 5% return fee to cover up the bank charges.

In case our healthcare professional declined the requested medication(s); a full refund will be returned to the customer and will be notified via email. Processing of refund may take a week or more depending on the payment processor and bank policy.

There will be no reshipment on lost or delayed packages at the regular mail service for the reason that customer can avail the express shipping with tracking number.

There will be NO reshipment on packages returned to sender due to incorrect address and unknown addressee

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